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Maintenance tips Kitchen knife


Never store kitchen knives in a tote drawer: risk of cutting when rummaging, risk of damaging the blade (micro-shocks on the edge of the blade).

The ideal is to install a magnetic bar in your kitchen, out of the reach of children: your knives will be accessible more quickly and will be secure. Alternatively, you can store it in the box provided.

Avoid storage in damp places or when the ambient temperature is high (in a cellar, laundry room, near a stove, etc.). Indeed, some wood reacts badly to humidity or to strong variations in temperature: there is a significant risk of swelling, shrinkage of the material, or even cracking.


Use your knives only on a suitable cutting board! Always use a wooden board or, failing that, food-grade plastic.
Hard materials are prohibited (marble / glass / stainless steel, etc.). The same goes for pots, pans, plates: this will damage your container and your knife.

Never use your knife for any purpose other than that for which it was designed: cutting in the kitchen! It is by no means a screwdriver, a can opener or an oyster knife …

Always secure your knife when using it: do not let it balance on the edge of a cutting board, on the edge of a table or counter, or with its edge facing up.


The dishwasher is strictly prohibited !!
Wash the blade in hot soapy water immediately after use, with a soft sponge (do not use the abrasive green side, in order to avoid scratches).
Immediately wipe your knife with a cotton cloth or anti-scratch cloth and then store it on your magnetic bar. The wooden handle must be dried thoroughly.


It is imperative to maintain the knives as a preventative rather than a corrective one, so sharpen it when it is still cutting.
Sharpening should be done regularly: at least once a week if you use it daily. Take a sharpening gun with an oval bit, available in supermarkets.

Place your gun on a hard surface for better stability (work surface, cutting board). Lightly press the edge of the knife against your rifle as you slide it: no need to apply too much force. The important thing is to keep the same angle as the sharpening angle.

Repeat several times on both sides. Take your time in order to master the gesture, it is not the speed that determines the result. I remain at your disposal if you have any questions!