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Kleos Craftsman Cutter

Former paratrooper in the marine infantry, it was during my retraining in 2016 that I turned to cutlery.

True passionate about knives, true culinary enthusiast and intoxicated by the outside world, it is naturally that I considered to combine all these passions and to make my profession of it. Ciao le Périgord, direction “Thiers”, the cradle of French cutlery, to train me.

After having obtained my cutlery CAP at the CFAI of Thiers and spent three years in a luxury cutlery in Thiers, part of which was in charge of the production of “kitchen ranges”, I once again jumped into the unknown and created “Kleos »In March 2021. My suitcases will ultimately remain in the Thiers basin.

Without further ado, I drew, designed and produced my first two kitchen knives, looking for optimal versatility: a 10cm office to perform precision cuts, as well as a 19cm slicer that I chose to offer in two variants. of Japanese inspiration.

My attraction for activities in a natural environment having never left me, I realized shortly after a first “Outdoor” model, with natural woods. A second, more “tactical” oriented and more aggressive in design, will emerge almost immediately, to meet the demand of my former comrades in the military world and intervention units, responding to strict specifications.

Meticulous and demanding, I aim above all for excellence and quality. From the choice of materials and steels used for each achievement to the production of my knives, which I personally ensure and rigorously control, no detail is left to chance. A perfectionist, it is essential for me that the customer is satisfied!